Tuesday, July 8, 2008

THINGS that i wanna eat

makanan melayu fav saya

- tom yam campur
- nasi grn kampung OR nasi grn ikan masin
- teh o ais limau
- sirap limau
- sotong goreng
- water chessnut for dessert (not malay food)

selain melayu

- carls junior
- tgi friday
- mcd (ofcourse)
- kfc hmm yumyum

p/s: i am damnnnn hungryyyyy n imu..

Saturday, July 5, 2008


im leaving.goodbye now..

p/s: im ready.but its up to u now. i'll stay away from u as long as u want me to. tc s.y.g ,goodbye.


thanks for noticing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Movie Critique

i think i wanna be a movie critique HAHA =P but seriously i like watching movies and i analyze it at the end of the movie. but wait. so does that mean im qualified to be one? or it was just a matter of opinion? everyone can critique. but what makes a person a professional critique?is there any some sort of qualification or certification? or this is some sort of angan2 bodoh? the truth is i HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT I WANT TO BECOME and i dont know what im good at or capable of. its pretty depressing to figure out who you really are but at the end of the day u will do what the world tells you to do. PAYCHECKPLEASE!

There are 4 kinds of love

im not sure whether i get this right or not but please correct me if i do.

There are four kinds of love.

Love number 1 : love is blind.

Love number 2 : and love fades...

Love number 3 : but sometimes love also can be found..

and love number 4 is : unrequited love. which would be the saddest love ever in the universe

and i didnt come up with this on my own, it was in The Holiday =) the most soothing and
comforting movie ever. love it love it love it.

p/s: "iris, if ure a melody, i will only use the good notes". - my favourite quote from the movie. -

my cat died.

Even though i have already post about this on "OUR" blog but urmm i guess it would be more appropriate to post it in my own blog. Toffee died on 2nd of July,2008. some unknown car hit him and ran. He was a good cat and we loved him very much. seeing ur own cat laying dead on the road infront of your house is just sad and scary. if only that evening i masukkan them all in their cages Toffee would still be alive right now. i kinda blame myself because i was the only one who was at home at that time. if it wasnt because of my stupid decision to take a shower first, none of this thing would happen. but urmm then again i thought to myself, if things are meant to happen, it meant to happened. Good Bye sayang. Ure in heaven now. its better than living in this world filled with stupid heartless reckless drivers.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

for a start

H E L L O.

p/s: im not really good in blogging. thank u.