Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i never actually believe in soulmates. when i was younger than i am now, people around me kept saying they have found their soulmates. who is your soulmate? WHAT is soulmate? i didnt even know what it means. UNTIL one day when i sit back on my sofa and read my novel while i was enjoying my cup of tea, suddenly i stopped reading and sipping. a picture of a man from the novel i was reading slide down on my lap when i turned to the next page.i realized at that moment i know what soulmate means. DANIAL. i dont know what he did or how he did it, but i know for sure HE COMPLETES ME.

From there on, i know what soulmate means. soulmate means someone you can share your thoughts with, someone will laugh at your stupid jokes,or someone who can make you laugh eventho they most probably wont laugh at your jokes cuz he or she might think its not funny, someone who can give u a hug no matter how far they are, someone who can be there for you no matter what, someone who has the most simplest common things with you, someone who can share information with you, someone who can hold your hands and tells you everything is going to be ok, someone who wants you as badly as you want them, someone that you can just talk about everything and anything without ever getting bored and finally, i think soulmate is someone that is almost as the same as YOU. when you have found the right person who has so much things in common with you, that is YOUR SOULMATE. baby, i love you and i want you forever hehe.

p/s: thank you for the cd. the greatest gift anyone has given me :) i miss you.